At the turn of the century, two brothers left Lahore in search of improving their skills. Syed Wazir Ali Zaidi and Syed Nazir Ali Zaidi were young artists who had studied at the Mayo School of Arts, Lahore and keeping with the traditions of their ancestors, they were trevellers.

Wazir Ali went to Banaras while Nazir Ali went to Allahbad where both become portrait painters and photographers. The foundation of the family's skills were laid then and the children also grew up learning and practicing photography.

The second generation of young photographers spread all across the sub-continent opening studios in places like Ooticomand, Conoor, Calcutta, Dacca, Chittaging, Khulna, Murree, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Abbotabad and Peshawar.

In 1928, Syed Mohammad Ali Zaidi the eldest of the second generation migrated back to Lahore and established this studio on The Mall where it still exists and is a proud landmark. The studio in its seven decades of existance had served the people of the sub-continent and has created 200,000 portraits. The most prized portrait being that of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan, who bestowed this singular honour upon Zaidis by coming to the studio for sitting.

In 1962, Syed Shahid Ali Zaidi took over the family business from his father. Since then the studio has seen a lot of changes, from the Black & White era to colour Portraiture and Film Making. In keeping with the growth of Lahore he quickly added a second studio in Gulberg which has different shooting areas to provide greater choice for your Portrait needs. Producing customized portraits from the small 10 X 12's to the large 50 X 70 inches is an enjoyable experience for his well trained staff as well as you.

Born in 1942, Shahid Zaidi grew up as an outdoorsman. He enjoys climbing mountains and flying Sailplanes and holds the only Diamond Badge in Pakistan. He is deeply committed to the preservation of our Wildlife and Envirnoment and involved in several whildlife films. He proudly represents the third generation of photography in the family.

With his son Usman Zaidi joining him in the family business, they have launched the fourth generation of Photography in the family. Usman Zaidi is qualified Film Maker having studied at Vancouver Film School, he excells in doing Music Videos and Documentaries and is equally skilled in studios.